Shone Productions have produced over fifty Pantomimes throughout the UK. Our Pantomimes are suitable for all ages featuring a wide range of talent and production values to keep young and old smiling, laughing, engaged and entertained.

Working with top stars from Television, West End, and Film, we ensure each Pantomime is performed to the highest standards, infusing every production with fresh and vibrant energy.


The company has stunning scenery available for all pantomime titles. To maintain it’s captivating appeal and top-notch quality, we regularly update and refurbish the scenery after each show. With consistent and vibrant designs, our sets are designed to catch the audience’s eye and enhance the overall theatrical experience.


Our collection of Pantomime costumes is nothing short of extraordinary. Collaborating with industry-leading costume designers, we create bespoke designs that bring each character to life in a stunning and memorable way. These exquisite costumes add to the magic on stage, enhancing the enchantment for both performers and audiences.


We ensure a consistent and exceptional musical experience in all our productions. Our talented musical supervisor crafts the music in-house, using high quality samples and a selection of music genres. From popular Musicals to contemporary Pop hits and original songs, our musical repertoire promises something special for every audience member, creating a delightful and engaging musical experience.


Shone Productions boasts an impressive stock of magic illusions, from awe-inspiring appearance and daring escapes to mind-reading wonders. In addition to our magic illusions, we have achieved the impossible by executing awe-inspiring flying sequences without the use of wires. Our flying carpet is capable of soaring over the audience, our collection now includes a flying broomstick, motorbike and even a car which adds an extra dimension of wonder to our performances.

3D Effects

As part of our commitment to innovation, we have incorporated cutting-edge 2D & 3D Projections into our Pantomimes. Equipped with all the necessary equipment for a seamless 3D Experience, including Projectors, Glasses, Screens, and software, we immerse the audience in a world of enchantment and excitement, adding a new dimension to the theatrical spectacle.

“This is a panto with all the fillings and fittings. It’s hugely fun, kids in the audience brought to a fever pitch and the musical numbers have beautiful singing and slick dancing, alongside backdrops made mainly out of glitter”

The British Theatre Guide